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The Tools in the IP TechBox

I am here to assist you in developing a complete intellectual property portfolio. The object of the IP TechBox is to illustrate the different tools that are available to you to protect the innovation and brand of your company.

Intellectual Property are different ways to protect your company. Essentially, we are trying to build barriers so that your competitors cannot enter into your market space and commandeer your customers. Intellectual Property laws provide different ways for a company to erect these barriers and protect their market space. 


Patents are a key tool for an innovative company to protects its investment in product development and maintain the benefits achieved by that investment. I prepare a complete description of inventions to cover the advancements of the company and protect against encroachment by competitors. This includes the preparation, filing, and communication with the patent office to work toward registration (known as prosecution).



Trademarks are another important tool to protect the investments of a company to build their reputation in the industry and the good will with its own clients. I assist clients in assessing the strength of their marks including names and logos, preparing a proper description of the goods and services the mark is being used with, and communicating with the trademark office to obtain registration.


Trade Secret

Although many companies intend to take advantage of trade secrets to protect its most valuable assets, many companies do not actually implement a proper trade secret policy. I assist clients in identifying what information is actually a trade secret and setting up appropriate protections in order to maintain the secrecy to actually create a trade secret from that valuable information. 



Copyrights are an often overlooked way to protect a company's investment and development. A company actually generates many copyrights, from its website, marketing material to software code and user interface experiences. I advise and assist clients in registering their copyrights to ensure proper chain of title, and the ability to use their copyrights if an infringement or misappropriation actually ocurrs.


Contracts and Licensing

Once a company has invested to create a valuable intellectual property portfolio, it should be used to continue to protect the company's market share. This is primarily through contracts, such as licenses, development agreements, or assignments. I am here to help negotiate and draft these agreements to use your portfolio most effectively.   

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